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AppLaunch was founded by Oliver Edis in Bristol in 2019. Oliver saw a demand for an agency specialising in helping smaller businesses and the less technical side of founders build their MVPs (minimum viable products).

The team quickly grew and, in 2022, joined the OddVentures family, providing AppLaunch with the resources to invest in further refining its development processes and tools. Since its launch, AppLaunch has worked with many brilliant UK startups like Dooo, Dream Leagues and Easiphone.

Today, the AppLaunch team swiftly turns client ideas into reality, efficiently delivering high-quality products at an affordable price and bringing clarity into the software development process.

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Why Choose AppLaunch?

We understand that the most challenging part of product development is going from 0 to 1.
Our mission is to ease this initial step by providing customers with the essential foundations to not only build their product but also scale it effectively.
With our expertise and support, we help customers overcome the hurdles of starting from scratch. By offering a solid starting point, we empower them to focus on their core ideas and innovation without getting overwhelmed. AppLaunch serves as a trusted partner, guiding customers through this crucial first step and ensuring they have a strong foundation for building and scaling their products.
Let us handle the groundwork while you concentrate on shaping your product vision and achieving success.
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We Don't Just Launch Apps

Helping Launch The Next Generation of Industry Leaders in Bristol

Dffrnt unlocks the super-skills of future business leaders by developing the soft-skills that are often overlooked when it comes to building careers or startups alike.

Their premium content, global network, on-demand support and wider benefits, offer an ecosystem potent for growing game-changers and those who dare to break the status quo.

As a Dffrnt Supporter we've decided to gift multiple memberships through local organisation, Babbasa, to enable the next wave of entrepreneurial & professional leaders to benefit from the Dffrnt community that we ourselves have been a part of for a number of years.

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